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I am the author of the Amazon bestselling young adult post apocalyptic novel, PODs. 

Triangles - Kimberly Ann Miller A cruise ship, the Bermuda Triangle, a beautiful girl and two hot guys...sounds like a great summer! And that's exactly what you get with Triangles--a really great summer read.

Autumn has definitely had it rough when she boards the cruise ship. She needed some time to decompress and relax, get her life back in order. But rarely do things work out the way we envision them. And it's no different for Autumn. She finds herself waking between alternating realities, never knowing which version of her life she'll be living when she gets up the next morning.

The alternating realities helped Autumn work through the emotional baggage she carried with her. Each new reality brought a different outlook or perspective, a new way for her to heal and move on. My favorite and least favorite was when she was able to see her father again. It was touching and one of my favorite parts of the book, but having just lost my father it made it hard to read with dry eyes, making it my least favorite part in the book, too (but in a good way).

I say that Triangles is a great summer read, that's it's fun. And it is fun and a good book to take on vacation or to the beach. But it is so much more than that. It's a book about self-discovery and healing. The reader gets to watch Autumn evolve through the pages of the book. She starts off carrying a lot of heavy emotional baggage and it sometimes shows in her attitude, but by the end of the book she's shed that baggage and comes into her own as a person. It's such a great message. I'm anxiously awaiting what Kimberly Ann Miller has for us next!

~Michelle Pickett
Author, PODs