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True - Erin McCarthy 4 1/2 Stars

I enjoyed “True” more than I thought I would. I didn’t think I’d relate to the idea of “hiring” someone to sleep with your friend just so she could lose her virginity—and I was right. I didn’t. I thought that part of the story was completely out of place. It just didn’t fit. Setting someone up with a guy with the intention/hope that they might move on to that stage in their relationship, okay I can buy that. But hiring him? Hello, male gigolo. But what was worse than that was that Rory didn’t even confront her friends when she found out what they’d done! Come on! I don’t care how shy she is (she wasn’t THAT shy), a person wouldn’t just lay in bed and pretend to be asleep when she overheard her roommates talking about paying a guy to sleep with her. If I hadn’t already been invested in the characters by that point in the book, I would have deleted it from my Kindle because it was just so unbelievably crass on the roommates part and simple-minded on Rory’s.

Other than my initial rant above, I enjoyed the book. I loved Tyler’s character and felt his need to protect his brother’s from the abuse and neglect they were suffering at the hands of their mother. It was obvious he felt responsible for them. The author did a superb job of bringing Tyler’s emotions to life. We saw the façade he put on around others and then we were given glimpses of the true loving, nurturing person he really was when he was around his family. His flaws and insecurities made him a believable, relatable character.

Rory was also well written with exception to my complaint above. I think she was a little too naïve in areas. But as the story progressed we are able to see her grow and develop into her own person. This is evident when she leaves her father (against his wishes) to help Tyler who has found himself in some trouble at no fault of his own. When Rory makes the decision to leave and help the guy she loves, and her father disapproves of, we can see how much she has come into her own. The slow progression of dependency on her father to independence was done very well. The author didn’t rush it and it worked seamlessly throughout the story.

Bottom line: I enjoyed the book very much. Would I recommend it? Yes. It was a good book. I don’t think the jacket copy did it justice. It made it sound like it was all about Rory losing her virginity, but the book was so much more than that. It delved into deeper relationship emotions and commitments, both between Rory and Tyler and Tyler and his brothers. It had a lot more depth than the jacket copy gave it credit for. Would I ever reread it? I may. It definitely is a book worth keeping.

My Rating: Four and a half stars for two reasons. First, the idiotic paying for sex idea. I just can’t get over someone prostituting out their friend’s virginity. And second, the horrible jacket copy. It didn’t relay the true depth of the book. It was a weak description and just might turn many readers away from a very good book.