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I am the author of the Amazon bestselling young adult post apocalyptic novel, PODs. 

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith I really enjoyed this book. It was on the shorter side, so it was a quick read. It was sweet, the characters were likable, but not perfect, which made them believable. The scene in the airport and on the plane was adorable and I wondered how, after the plane ride was over and they went their separate ways, the author would bring them back again. She did that in a unique way, but when they parted a second time, the book became very predictable. I knew exactly how they would meet the third time. It was practically a neon sign in the middle of the page, which was somewhat disappointing. However, it didn't distract from the overall enjoyment of the story. And while it was a cute, sweet romance, it also packed a good dose of life lesson in there, as well.

A worthwhile read. I highly recommend it. I'm definitely waiting for Ms. Smith's next book "This is What Happy Looks Like" releasing later this spring!

Michelle :)
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