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Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality - Elizabeth Eulberg
3 1/2 out of 5 stars!

A funny quick read. Tired of living in her sister’s tiara toting shadow and being the girl everyone loves to have around but no one loves, Lexi decides to try something different. With a push from her friends, and a little help from the pageant make-up artist, she reinvents herself from the mousey plain Jane girl with the great personality to the bombshell who has it all. Soon the Popular Posse take notice and she’s enveloped into their elite world, even earning her very first date…and very first kiss. But when she gets a date with her dream guy, Logan, she starts wondering if being popular is all that it seems. Do they like her for her, or the change in her appearance? Does reinventing herself into “Lexi 2.0” make her any different than the pageant people she looked down on?

Overall I found this an enjoyable read. I got through the book in two days, even with a few major interruptions; otherwise it would have been a one sitting read. It’s on the shorter side.

I enjoyed the author’s voice and loved her humor, but found most of the characters flat, especially the supporting characters of Lexie’s best friends. I would have loved to have seen more of a dynamic relationship between the three of them.

A lot of the story was in narrative, which resulted in being “told” what was happening. In some cases this was fine, in others…well, it became monotonous and I longed for a scene where the characters were able to be themselves and drive the scene where they wanted it to go. Again, this made the characters seem flat.

The Taylor, Bennie and Chris dynamic was a great subplot and I think it would have made the book stronger if they had been involved in the plot line in a more active way. Taylor’s relationship with Lexie was rushed and almost a side note, while Bennie and Chris’s, probably the best part of the book, was just a passing note, which was very disappointing.

That being said, I still found the book enjoyable. Would I recommend it to someone? Probably, if they were looking for a quick, quirky read. However, there are other young adult books I would mention before this one, unfortunately.