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Shayla Witherwood: A Half-Faerie Tale - Tamra Torero Shayla Witherwood: A Half-Faerie Tale
by Tamra Torero
Expected publication: May 8th 2012
Publisher: Sweetwater Press

Jacket Blurb:

A brief moment of disappointment washed over me as I approached Jace’s lifeless body. Here I was, about to kiss a boy on the lips for the very first time, and he was completely comatose—possibly paralyzed—and would never even know or remember the experience. This was not how I’d envisioned my first kiss—me invisible, him unconscious.

Shayla Witherwood is not exactly normal. First of all, she’s spent her entire life being homeschooled, traveling in an RV around the country with her grandparents. And second, there’s the kind of inescapable fact that her mom was a genuine faerie.

But now that she’s starting a real life in a regular high school, Shayla desperately needs to stay out of trouble in both worlds because even her faerie powers might not be enough to protect her from what’s coming.

My Review:

Shayla's an adorable, sweet, witty high school junior who just happens to be a half-faerie. She's lived an unconventional life travelling all over the country with her grandparents who raised her after her parent's death.

When her grandfather passes away, she and her grandmother settle down to live a "normal" life. But life as a half-faerie in a whole human world, especially in high school, is anything but normal.

Shayla is warned by her grandmother not to let anyone know she is a faerie or use her faerie magic around humans. She is told keeping her half faerie secret is for her own protection. But Shayla wasn't prepared for Josi. Josi and Shayla form an almost instant bond and become best friends. Using her wild imagination and endless curiosity, Josie soon uncovers Shayla's secret. Shayla is glad to finally be able to confide in someone. Josie is trustworthy – she'll keep Shayla's faerie secret…or will she? Because soon mysterious notes start arriving – Someone else knows Shayla's secret as well. Someone who doesn't think it's as awesome as Josi does…someone who means to do Shayla harm.

What I liked:

I loved Shayla. She's a sweet, funny and likeable character.

Josi, Shayla's best friend, is also sweet and likeable. She has an almost contagious excitement about her new friend's secret life.

I loved the author's humor. I found myself giggling out loud at some of the comments and/or scenes.

The author did a nice job trying to break through high-school stereotypes, teaching tweens that it doesn't matter what "group" you belong to, we are all people and deserved to be treated with respect.

What I didn't like:

There was very little I didn't like about the book. Although, some of the story was quite predictable, there were enough surprises along the way that I wanted to read more.

Bottom Line: Shayla Witherwood is a sweet, make you laugh out loud story. I highly recommend.

Language: None
Violence: Very mild
Sex: None

Recommended age: Tweens